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100% Jamaica Blue Mountain

| 250g | Whole beans

Roasted by Mokaflor Chiaroscuro

250g espresso beans in a bag

A special kind of enjoyment!

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100% Giamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans From Mokaflor Caffèlab 250 g whole espresso beans... more

100% Giamaica Blue Mountain Coffee Beans

From Mokaflor Caffèlab

250 g whole espresso beans

Do you love espresso and are looking for an exciting and unique experience? You have already tried many great varieties and now you want to venture into another league? Then you should try 100% Giamaica Blue Mountain. There is hardly a coffee variety in the world that is so much talked about and around which so many myths are tangled. In the following section, we will explain what makes this coffee so special and why it is particularly suitable for espresso lovers who like to experiment.

The Jamaican Blue Mountain espresso bean is one of the most expensive and highest quality espresso beans in the world. It owes its name to its eponymous growing region: the Blue Mountains on the coast of Jamaica. In 1728, the then governor of Jamaica, Sir Nicolas Lawes, received some Arabica coffee plants, which he planted high in the mountains. The special growing conditions soon proved to be perfect.

The highlands of San Andrés are 2,000 m above sea level and have temperatures of 25 to 30 degrees Celsius despite the altitude. Small fluctuations of just 5 degrees Celsius and 10% humidity per year make the climate unique. Jamaica is situated on the northern edge of the Caribbean Plate, which is pushed off the coast directly under the North American Plate. This has caused constant tectonic movement over millions of years, enriching the island's soil with large quantities of valuable minerals from the earth's interior. In addition, the northeast coast of Jamaica receives up to 5,000 mm of rainfall per year, resulting in a large amount of fog due to the high temperatures. These conditions cause the coffee cherries to grow very slowly. Due to the long ripening period, the beans develop an incomparably mild but extremely tasty aroma.

The flavour profile of 100% Giamaica Blue Mountain is a perfect composition of light sweetness, barely perceptible acidity and a fruity, nutty note. The intense aroma and the very long reverberation on the palate also make Jamaica Blue Grain something very special. The variety of aromas is enormous. To say that this espresso has vanilla notes would not be wrong, but certainly understated. In the coffee world, Jamaica Blue is iconic and beloved for its diversity and unique taste.

Our advice:

Try Jamaica Blue pure first to fully appreciate its flavour. Depending on how it's brewed, you'll notice a wide variety of flavours and nuances.


Mix a little of the Jamaica Blue bean with other espresso varieties of your choice, for example, and create new coffee creations. You can vary the amount of addition as you like until you have found your personal best blend. That's what we call true refinement.

Of course, there are no limits to the preparation method:

You will get a first-class result when brewing in a classic portafilter. 94° water temperature with an extraction of 25 ml in 27 seconds.

But you can also achieve excellent results with a filter such as the Hario V60 or an Aeropress.

Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Automatic machine
Package Size: 250g Reviews with

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