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Nannini capsules

Our Nannini Nespresso® compatible capsules

Nannini stands for a wide and diversified range of products resulting from a wise combination of the best coffee varieties. The experience, technological growth and professional skills of our employees enable us to produce the appropriate blends for the three main geographical areas of Italy, North, Central and South, covering the finest shades of espresso across the world. A variety of combinations with one single goal – to satisfy the appreciation of our customers - everywhere! The Nannini Nespresso® capsules are just as good as the Espesso beans by Nannini. The Nannini family from Sienna is famous for excellent coffee varieties as well as the production of delicious pastries. For all lovers of Nespresso® capsules, we highly recommend Nannini. With vivacious and intense aroma, sealed in a protective atmosphere. Prepared individually or with friends, guarantees unique moments of taste and relaxation.

Nannini capsules
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