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Lavazza coffee

Lavazza-LogoLavazza Coffee, with its exquisite Lavazza Espresso beans, stands as a paragon of espresso blends in Germany, especially revered for its premium BAR line. At the heart of Lavazza's ethos lies a passionate quest: to disseminate the quintessential quality and aromatic richness of Italian espresso across the globe. This venerable Italian coffee roaster, steeped in more than a hundred years of heritage, continually embraces excellence and innovation as its guiding stars. This commitment is the cornerstone of their journey, echoing through every cup of their celebrated espresso. Continue to delve deeper into this story of aromatic excellence and discover more.

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Lavazza Top Class Reviews with
Lavazza Top Class
1kg | Whole beans | 01.2026
($22.03 / 1 kg)

2-4 Workdays Article No. 1043

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Balanced
Aroma(s) : Nutty, Malty
Article No. 1043
Lavazza Gran Espresso Intenso ESE Pads Reviews with
ESE Pods Gran Espresso Intenso Lavazza
150 pieces | Pods | 05.2025
($35.31 / 1 kg)

2-4 Workdays Article No. 1613

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty, Malty
Article No. 1613
Lavazza Gran Espresso Pads Reviews with
ESE Pods Gran Espresso Lavazza
150 pieces | Pods | 04.2025
($35.31 / 1 kg)

2-4 Workdays Article No. 1614

Degree of Roast: Medium Low acidity: Yes Intensity: Balanced
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty, Malty
Article No. 1614
Lavazza Gold Selection Reviews with
Lavazza Gold Selection Espresso Coffee
1kg | Whole beans | 07.2025
($22.03 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 1042

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Floral
Article No. 1042
Lavazza Super Crema Espresso 1000g Reviews with
Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Coffee
1kg | Whole beans | 02.2025
($19.01 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 1044

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Balanced
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty
Article No. 1044
Lavazza Gran Espresso Kaffee Reviews with
Lavazza Gran Espresso
1kg | Whole beans | 08.2025
($24.05 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 1045

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Malty
Article No. 1045
Lavazza Bar Bella Crema Reviews with
Lavazza Bar Bella Crema Coffee | Perfect for fully...
1kg | Whole beans | 04.2025
($22.03 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 1048

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Fruity
Article No. 1048
Lavazza Tierra Espresso Kaffee Reviews with
Lavazza Tierra Espresso Coffee (Rainforest Alliance)
1kg | Whole beans | 09.2024
($26.06 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 1046

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Mild
Aroma(s) : Floral, Fruity
Article No. 1046
Lavazza Decaffeinato | Espresso ohne koffein Reviews with
Lavazza Espresso Coffee decaffeinated Beans
500g | Whole beans | 05.2025
($36.02 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 1039

Degree of Roast: Medium Intensity: Strong
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Floral
Article No. 1039
Lavazza Espresso Tasse Reviews with
Lavazza Espresso cup

Unavailable Article No. 2020

Article No. 2020
Lavazza Cappuccino Tasse Reviews with
Lavazza Cappuccino cup

Unavailable Article No. 2021

Article No. 2021
Lavazza Milchkaffee Tasse Reviews with
Lavazza Caffe Latte cup

Unavailable Article No. 2022

Article No. 2022
Lavazza Latte Macchiato Glas Reviews with
Lavazza Latte Macchiato glas

Unavailable Article No. 2023

Article No. 2023
Lavazza Espresso Glas Reviews with
Lavazza Espresso glas

Unavailable Article No. 2024

Article No. 2024
Lavazza Espresso Löffel 6er Set Reviews with
Lavazza Espresso spoon

Unavailable Article No. 2222

Article No. 2222
Lavazza Latte Macchiato spoon 6er Pack Reviews with
Lavazza Latte Macchiato spoon 6er Pack

Unavailable Article No. 2224

Article No. 2224
Lavazza Schokomandeln Reviews with
Lavazza chocolate almonds
700g | 08.2024
($29.31 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 4049a

Article No. 4049a
Lavazza Schokobohnen Reviews with
750 Lavazza Chocolate covered Coffeebeans
1kg | 03.2025
($38.73 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 4023a

Article No. 4023a
Lavazza Shortbread Reviews with
Lavazza Shortbread
1kg | 10.2024
($20.02 / 1 kg)

Unavailable Article No. 4090

Article No. 4090

Lavazza Coffee Today

"Doing business with your heart" - a principle famously voiced by Emilio Lavazza, grandson of Lavazza's founder. These words encapsulate the spirit that guides the company, resonating deeply with coffee enthusiasts.

Lavazza-Logo5DZ9lsDk1hd77Lavazza's mission has always been to share the essence of Italian espresso globally. The brand's journey of excellence and innovation is rooted in over a century of knowledge, dating back to the early 1900s when Luigi Lavazza pioneered the art of coffee blending. This technique involves harmoniously combining beans from various origins to produce a rich and balanced coffee experience.

Leveraging extensive experience, superior raw materials, and advanced technology, Lavazza delivers a distinct and unparalleled flavor in its coffee, both for home and commercial use.

Lavazza's product range goes beyond espresso, offering diverse options to cater to all preferences, consumption patterns, and coffee preparation methods.

The brand's commitment is evident in its work ethic, focusing on high efficiency and a dedication to deliver coffee that appeals to varied tastes. Lavazza's dedication to quality is reflected in every aspect of its production, from bean selection to its commitment to local communities and environments.

These principles have established Lavazza as a symbol of Italian excellence worldwide, earning recognition and respect from consumers and suppliers alike.


Lavazza's Commitment

HerzThe Lavazza family upholds values of economic growth, environmental stewardship, and respect for diverse cultures and communities.

As far back as 1935, Luigi Lavazza opposed the wasteful use of unsold coffee as fuel, underscoring his commitment to environmental conservation. Today, the company focuses on sustainable development in coffee-producing regions, emphasizing quality and ethical practices.

Lavazza actively supports initiatives aimed at improving living conditions and the social and economic structures in key coffee-producing regions across Africa, Central, and South America.


Aid for a Sustainable Planet

Tierra_Selection_1000gLavazza's commitment to sustainability is integral to its ethos. Since 2004, the company's "¡Tierra!" blend highlights its dedication to sustainable practices. This initiative has positively impacted over 3,000 farmers in eight developing countries by introducing sustainable and profitable farming methods.


The Quality Path of Lavazza Coffee

Lavazza epitomizes quality in the coffee industry, with a history spanning over a century. The brand believes in creating quality, not just controlling it. This approach encompasses everything from selecting the finest beans, ensuring optimal roasting, crafting the perfect blend, to maintaining quality packaging. Each production stage is meticulously monitored using state-of-the-art technology.


The Vision for the Future

Lavazza_outerspaceAstronaut Samantha Cristoforetti drinks a good Lavazza coffee even in orbit"/>
Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti enjoying Lavazza coffee in orbit: a testament to Lavazza's innovative spirit. In 1950, Lavazza pioneered the use of vacuum-packed cans for extended freshness, broadening its distribution.

Lavazza's impact extends beyond the home. In 1959, the debut of the "Autobar" at Salone del Mobile, designed by Boneschi, brought high-quality coffee to public spaces, allowing people to savor their coffee in the great outdoors at any moment.

Lavazza has always been forward-looking. Envisioned in Thierry Le Gouès' 2004 calendar, Lavazza realized its dream of bringing Italian espresso to space, serving it aboard the International Space Station a decade later.


Bar-Quality Coffee at Home

Lavazza, synonymous with quality, encapsulated in its slogan "Lavazza Paradiso in tazza." Lavazza's TV commercials, with various ambassadors, have taken viewers on a journey through the clouds of Paradise.

With Lavazza Capsules, the bar experience is brought home, offering the same rich aroma and flavor. Lavazza Blue capsules fill the home with their fragrance, ready to be savored hot or cold, in a cup or glass, catering to personal tastes.

Explore Lavazza accessories here


Coffee in the Workplace

lavazza-office-coffeeIn 1989, Lavazza introduced the Espresso Point system, revolutionizing office coffee with single-dose, pre-packaged capsules. This innovation ensures that the rich aroma of coffee is always available at work.

The Lavazza Espresso Point enlivens office coffee breaks while maintaining the quality synonymous with the brand. The scents of beans from Brazil and South Asia, encapsulated in Lavazza's unique blends, are now a staple on desks worldwide.


Certified Quality

Lavazza's journey of innovation and adherence to high standards has led to its quality system certification under ISO 9000, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to excellence.

Lavazza continues to strive for perfection.

Author: Lavazza