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Caffè Toraldo Products

The Toraldo Merchandising fills your home or coffee bar with modern designer objects which give a flair of Italian coffee culture. The espresso cups in the elegant design make product quality recognizable. Before the first taste of the Toraldo coffee, the first visual element you and your guest recognize are the attractive coffee cups and glasses.The glasses and ceramic cups are designed to enrich with elegance and sobriety the Neapolitan espresso experience.

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Toraldo Espressocup Reviews with
Toraldo Espressocup

2-4 Workdays Article No. 2564

Article No. 2564
Toraldo Cappuccino Tasse Reviews with
Toraldo Cappuccino cup

2-4 Workdays Article No. 2565

Article No. 2565
Toraldo Espresso Tasse Glas Reviews with
Toraldo Espresso glass

2-4 Workdays Article No. 2566

Article No. 2566
Toraldo Espressotasse - neapolitanische Tasse Reviews with
Toraldo Espresso Cup

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Article No. 2613