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Espresso Tasting Set "Our Best 80/20"

Espresso Tasting Set "Our Best 80/20"

Perfectly balanced taste - Save big compared to the normal price.

Avanti Espresso Anina 500g
1511 Espresso 500g
Carroux Classic 500g
Quarta Avio Oro 500g

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Espresso tasting set - "Our best with classic bean ratio". 4 x 500g espresso beans The... more

Espresso tasting set - "Our best with classic bean ratio".

4 x 500g espresso beans

The fine blends in this tasting set all have an Arabica content of 80% and a Robusta content of 20%. They combine mild, slightly fruity notes with tart, nutty aromas. Each bean variety is roasted separately so that the respective characteristics are optimally brought out. Skilfully combined in a well thought-out blend of 80/20, it is a true treasure of the coffee world. Not too tart and not too acidic, but just right and balanced. Many top sellers in our range are based on this blend ratio. For an Italian, this is the classic bean ratio that he prefers to drink as an espresso in the bar on the corner.

So are the delicious espressos in this set. In practical 500g packs, they are ideal for tasting and sampling.

Find your new favourite now!


Avanti Espresso Anina 500g

Blend ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robusta beans

Avanti Anina is a wonderfully balanced coffee. The Arabica beans provide a mild nutty aroma and the robusta beans refine with delicate notes of dark chocolate. The raw beans are slowly and gently refined in a drum roaster. This ensures that acids are almost non-existent. This means you can enjoy the Anina wonderfully pure as an espresso. But it also tastes great as the basis for a cappuccino or latte macchiato. This espresso is uncomplicated to prepare, i.e. it is suitable for all conceivable types of preparation. Whether in a portafilter, moka pot or fully automatic coffee machine, Avanti Anina cuts a fine figure everywhere.


Fünfzehnhundertelf 1511 Espresso 500g

Blend ratio: 80% Arabica  / 20% Robusta 

The 1511 Espresso delights with its aroma of dark chocolate and a little caramel. Strong in flavour, yet balanced in intensity with a long-lasting aftertaste, this is a truly classic espresso.

And as unique as its taste are the varieties in 1511 Espresso: Brasil Santos (provides velvety chocolate notes), Brasil Yellow Bourbon (for light floral sweetness), Costa Rica Tarrazu (mild taste, wonderful aroma), Colombia Supremo (for nutty, caramel notes), India Parchment Kaapi Royale (for an irresistible crema).


Carroux Coffee Classic Espresso 500g

Blend ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robusta beans

This critically acclaimed espresso does not come from Italy as usual, but from the beautiful north of Germany, from Hamburg to be precise. This is where Ulrich Carroux founded his own roastery in 1998 and has been supplying us with outstanding espresso coffee ever since. Carroux himself writes: "With this espresso, we have now found the perfect coffee. Such quality serves rather to consume less in order to enjoy more." The Classic Espresso is a time-honoured 80/20 blend, composed of no less than 7 different green coffees from the best coffee-growing countries in the world. Its perfect harmony is completed by a velvety smooth and spicy character. The robusta beans ensure a long-lasting crema in the cup. The caffeine content is in the medium range. This masterpiece is best enjoyed as a simple espresso or in a cappuccino.


Quarta Caffè Espresso Avio Oro 500g

Blending ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robusta beans

The quartet is completed with the strength from the south of Italy. In the meantime, Quarta has become one of our most popular roasters. The colouring of the packaging of the Avio Oro is based on the uniforms of the airport staff in Galatina, Italy. People there are still addicted to this special espresso and drink it there every day. The coffee beans are roasted in a so-called separation process, whereby each type of bean is roasted with its ideal profile in mind. For this process, Quarta uses the time-honoured drum roaster. In a long and gentle roasting, the best results can be achieved with this method. In the case of the Avio-Oro, this is an incomparable creaminess and its fine aromas. The robusta beans give the espresso a long-lasting crema. This classic bar blend works best in a portafilter, but it is also suitable for the fully automatic machine.

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