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Mocambo coffee Espresso -3 varieties in set

| 750g | Whole beans
Mocambo coffee Espresso -3 varieties in set

Set of 3 x 250g bags - Mocambo Suprema, Mocambo Gran Bar, Mocambo Brasilia

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Tasting Set of 3 Blends - Mocambo  3 bags of 250g each (total of 750g) whole beans... more

Tasting Set of 3 Blends - Mocambo 

3 bags of 250g each (total of 750g) whole beans

If you haven't found your favorite Mocambo coffee yet, you can try discovering it with this triple pack!

The delicate one! Mocambo Gran Bar

An exceptionally delicate and gentle coffee, without edges, the finest quality from Mocambo! It's worth noting that Gran Bar is almost free of bitter substances, which is not a given in this price range. This espresso coffee blend is particularly suitable for use in automatic coffee machines (Jura, Saeco, etc.). Additionally, it has an excellent value for money and is a real gem!

The medium one! Mocambo Suprema

With the Suprema blend, Mocambo has created an espresso coffee whose characteristics are exactly between the two traditional blends: not as delicate as "Gran Bar" and not as strong as "Brasilia." Like other Mocambo blends, this one is also perfectly suitable for use in automatic coffee machines! And all this at an unbeatable price!

The strong one! Mocambo Brasilia

Another round and aromatic coffee from Mocambo, perhaps a bit stronger than Mocambo Gran Bar and therefore particularly suitable for a full and smooth espresso. Especially, this Mocambo is perfect for automatic coffee machines. And all this at an excellent price!

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 750g
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