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Tasting pack - Organico BIO

| 750g | Whole beans
Espressokaffee Probierset BIO

Tasting set with 3 x 250g beans :
Maria Sole Bio - Mocambo Naturale - Golden Brasil 1961 ORGANIC

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Tasting set - Organico BIO 3 x 250g whole beans In this tasting pack we present three of our... more

Tasting set - Organico BIO

3 x 250g whole beans

In this tasting pack we present three of our most popular and delicious organic espresso coffees.


Mocambo Espresso Naturale

BIO & Fairtrade

Beans, bag with 250g

Blend ratio: 70% Arabica beans/ 30% Robusta beans

New from Mocambo. Fairtrade and 100% BIO.

The new Naturale Blend from Mocambo is a true all-rounder and will suit every taste. Thanks to perfectly accentuated aromas of nuts, cocoa and fine dark chocolate, a taste experience with full, spicy notes is created. At the same time, however, the Naturale is sweet and delicate on the palate. The Naturale owes this special taste to its Arabica beans from Colombia and Peru and selected robusta beans from India.

Growing regions:
Colombia - Excelso EP Huila (Arabica)
Peru - Grade (Arabica)
India - Kerala (Robusta)

The Naturale from Mocambo is certified with the Fairtrade and the BIO seal.

A special feature of this coffee is that its packaging is completely aluminium-free. This makes it ideal for recycling.

Maria Sole "Linea Verde" organic espresso

250g espresso beans in a stylish tin

Nothing is as comforting as knowing that a food is pollutant-free. In addition to physical well-being, everyone should have a personal and ethical duty to ensure that the product they consume was produced under conditions that do not harm the environment or other people.  

The German and European organic seals serve as proof of both. MariaSole has decided to take part in this certification process and is therefore a certified, 100% organic espresso coffee that is roasted with firewood. The cultivation and processing of the beans are subject to the strictest controls, which allow this exceptional product to bear the European organic seal in addition to the national organic seals.

For roasting over a wood fire, only the sawn timber that accrues annually is used, so the natural raw material is preserved. The low roasting temperature enables a particularly long roasting time of up to approx. 30 minutes, which makes MariaSole Linea Verde mild, gentle and extra light. With MariaSole Linea Verde you are choosing an espresso coffee with special properties. 

Taste description: Very dense structure, extremely well-balanced acid-body ratio with slightly tingling elements. Gentle finish with a long-lasting, very pleasant aftertaste. Very digestible due to the low caffeine, tannin and bitter substances.

Excellent as espresso coffee and very good milk level for cappuccino & Co.

the most popular type of coffee in the world; about 60% of the harvested beans are arabica. " 

Rating: Great Arabica-Robusta-espresso mixture .  Mild and very easily digestible espresso.

1961 ORGANIC Golden Brasil

250g tin of whole beans - Organically produced coffee

80% Arabica - 20% Robusta

Golden Brasil's 1961 Organic coffee is made exclusively with green beans from the best origins:

The Arabica beans come from Brazil, Peru and Honduras and are combined with Robusta beans from Africa and India. Together they guarantee a unique and rich taste profile. The basic aroma of 1961 Organic Biologico is chocolatey and perfectly complemented by fruity, floral and slightly spicy notes. In a few words: Full body and intense aromas.

In the cup, thanks to the proportion (20%) of Robusta, there is a thick crema that gives the espresso a velvety mouthfeel.

All the beans of this organic coffee are grown in a purely ecological way and of course without pesticides.

For its taste and quality, the Golden Brasil 1961 Organic Biologico has already won the gold medal at the IIAC's "international coffee tasting" in 2018.

Organic certification: IT-BIO-006

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Automatic machine
Package Size: 750g
Certification: Organic(Bio)
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