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Tasting pack - The best beans

| 3kg | Whole beans
Espressokaffee Probierset beste Bohnen

La Genovese Royal
Filicori Zecchini Espresso Blend
Di Giampaolo Caffè Scirocco

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Tasting pack of the best beans 3 x 1000g whole beans Caffè La Genovese Royal 1000g... more

Tasting pack of the best beans

3 x 1000g whole beans

Caffè La Genovese Royal 1000g

Espresso coffee, whole bean

Mixing ratio: 90% Arabica beans/ 10% Robusta beans

La Genovese Caffè was founded in 1936 and has been family-owned ever since. The name has its origin in the nearby capital Genova. Today, the roastery is represented in almost all European countries, has received various awards for its espresso coffee and has been certified by INEI since 2008.

La Genovese Espresso Royal is a creation of six different varieties of Arabica beans and Robusta beans from Brazil, El Salvador, India, and Ethiopia. The beans are roasted separately, gently and slowly in the rotary drum and then cooled in the air. In the aroma with intensity nuances of very dark chocolate and cocoa. With a dense and thick crema to fall in love with.

Whether enjoyed as espresso or cappuccino, the Espresso Royal with its rich aroma is always a pampering experience!

Thanks to its outstanding quality, La Genovese Royal has been certified as Espresso Italiano by INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano). The Institute has been protecting and promoting genuine espresso since 1998.


Filicori Zecchini Espresso Blend

1000g whole espresso beans

Mixture ratio: 70% Arabica beans / 30% Robusta beans

The Espresso Blend from Filicori is a prime example of a premium blend. Only the best Arabica beans from Brazil and Robusta beans from Asia are used here. The result is a medium strong coffee, rounded to the extreme. Every component seems to be precisely balanced. A true masterpiece of roasting art. Despite its intense aromas, this coffee is still very smooth, which makes it look incredibly good as an espresso or as the basis for a cappuccino.

Thanks to its outstanding quality, Filicori Zecchini Espresso Blend has been certified as Espresso Italiano by the INEI (Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano). The institute has been protecting and promoting the real espresso since 1998.


Di Giampaolo Caffè Espresso Scirocco

1000g espresso coffee, whole bean

Mixing ratio: 60% Arabica beans / 40% Robusta beans

The Scirocco mix is all about balance. A light, pleasant acidity as well as a spicy bitterness are present in this blend. But in a very balanced, tasty way, as these characteristics are hardly noticeable and complement each other perfectly. The Scirocco has a very intense aroma with notes of fresh pastry, cake biscuits and roasted toast. A touch of nuts, such as hazelnuts and almonds, is also noticeable in the finish. Extremely delicate and full-bodied, this excellent blend presents itself in the cup. This result of true roasting art tastes best when refined with a little hot milk foam. But the Scirocco is also a real treat when enjoyed straight as an espresso. The proportionate robusta beans also provide an excellent crema.

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 3kg Reviews with

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