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Passalacqua ESE pod Habanera

Passalacqua ESE pod Habanera

These ESE pads are not suitable for the Senseo and Lavazza systems!
50 pads each 7.3g = 365g individually packed with aroma protection
Pad Cremador is now called Habanera.

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Passalacqua ESE Espresso Pods Variety Habanera 50 ESE espresso pads , individually... more

Passalacqua ESE Espresso Pods Variety Habanera

50 ESE espresso pads, individually aroma-protected packaged

The ESE Pod Cremador was renamed by in Habanera.

At the Cremador/ Habanera of Passalacqua the name is program. Due to the high proportion of Robusta you get a fantastic crema, dense and hazelnut brown. Just a real Napoletan.

The typical southern Italian dark roast provides for little acidity and caffeine, but for all the more volume and taste.

This is why you can use the Habanera very well as a base for cappuccino or latte macchiato. It has exactly the power you need.

Suitable for all machines that work with the E.S.E. system.

50 pads á 7,3g = 365g package

Passalacqua S.P.A.
via Taverna Rossa 131/133
Napoli - IT

Quantity of pods/capsules : 50
Blend ratio: 80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Type / Nature: Pods
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S. PASSALACQUA S.P.A, Via Taverna Rossa, 131/133, 80020 Casavatore (NA), Italy