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Organic Ground Coffee Tasting Set

| 500g | Ground
Organic Ground Coffee Tasting Set

Organic Tasting Set

Caffè Musetti Organic 
Hardy Zanzibar

Ground coffee, in 2 boxes of 250g each

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Organic Ground Coffee Tasting Set 2 x 250g each (total 500g) of ground coffee With this... more

Organic Ground Coffee Tasting Set

2 x 250g each (total 500g) of ground coffee

With this organic coffee tasting set, not only are you making a responsible purchase, but you are also getting high-quality and safer coffee. These coffee beans are grown using organic methods, which means no chemical additives or pesticides are used. The soil is fertilized only with natural fertilizers. The cultivation of many of these varieties even goes beyond organic standards. For example, cooperatives of small farmers are supported by the sale of these beans. The complexity of cultivation and processing is felt in the cup.

Being ground a little coarser, these varieties are ideal for moka pot and many other preparation methods such as French press, Chemex (Woodneck), or manual pour-over.

Taste our selection of organic coffees, knowing that you are doing something good.

BIO Caffè Musetti

Box of 250g Ground coffee

The flagship organic product of Caffè Musetti.

This blend consists of Arabica and Robusta beans from organic farming.

Organic Arabica beans from Central America, Kenya, and Ethiopia, and high-quality organic Robusta beans from India make this coffee a premium product.

A special organic coffee with perceptible citrus aromas.

It has a marked acidity, typical of Central American beans.

The organic Robusta beans make this Musetti coffee unique. There are not many organic blends containing Robusta beans, as they are not easy to find.


Box of 250g Ground coffee

A light brown crema and a scent of freshly cut grass, with notes of bitter citrus, attest to the strong presence of high-quality organic Arabica varieties in this blend. Intense acidity, complemented by a slight sweetness, gives this coffee a natural elegance.

Characteristics: refined acidity, great smoothness, medium caffeine content. 

Type / Nature: Ground
Coffee maker / Machine : Moka Pot, French Press
Package Size: 500g
Certification: Organic(Bio)
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