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Mozzafiato (Breathtaking) tasting set

| 3kg | Whole beans
Espressokaffee Probierset Mozzafiato

Pack of 3 x 1000g coffee beans
Carroux, Di Giampaolo, Segafredo

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Mozzafiato tasting pack 3 x 1000g whole beans BREATHTAKING! That's the expression that best... more

Mozzafiato tasting pack

3 x 1000g whole beans

BREATHTAKING! That's the expression that best describes the effect of the 3 blends presented in this unique tasting set. Each coffee has its own distinctive flavor, but they all have one thing in common: their breathtaking quality.

The set includes the following coffees:

Carroux Espresso

whole espresso beans, bag of 1000g

Carroux is recommended by Christian Rach*Prime quality which I have been using in my restaurant ‘Tafelhaus’ for years * Top-rated chef and well-known through his television programme Rach, der Restauranttester

By now, a classic in the portfolio of Espresso International: For twelve years, Mr. Carroux has kept the blend the same. And why change it - it is perfect as is: Velvety soft aroma and yet robust and savoury - with great crema. The Classic Espresso by Carroux is a classic blend, composed of no less than 7 different raw types of coffee. Its perfect harmony is rounded off by a smooth and savoury flavour. The designation house blend is actually much too ordinary: But it is the preferred blend of connoisseurs in the “Carroux Espresso Bar” and the favourite blend of our most sophisticated business customers.

Ideal for making a soft, smooth espresso.. And perfect for savoury cappuccino.

Assessment: harmonious coffee, very nice crema, medium caffeine content

Like all other coffee beans, Carroux is delivered in a sealed foil pouch so that none of the aroma is lost.

Di Giampaolo Caffè Espresso Maestrale - Espresso Italiano 

1000g espresso coffee, whole bean

Mixing ratio: 80% Arabica beans / 20% Robusta beans

For the Espresso Maestrale, Di Giampaolo Caffè uses only the best and most demanding roasters. Only a perfect craft can create such a unique blend. Fruity notes of pineapple and citrus fruits characterise this espresso. The sensory analysis shows an extraordinary freshness given by the balanced acidity. The medium-strong drum roast and the Robusta content give the Maestrale a beautiful crema. It is best enjoyed pure as an espresso or blended with hot milk foam as a cappuccino.

The unique personality of this coffee has been rewarded with one of the highest honours that can be bestowed on an espresso: the certificate for the official Espresso Italiano. It is awarded by the INEI (Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano) and only reaches the very best espressos in Italy. The institute has been protecting and promoting the real espresso since 1998.


1000g bag of whole beans

Segafredo Impronte Espresso will transport you to the world of Italian coffee art. This top-of-the-range espresso is the result of a meticulous selection of the finest coffee beans, grown on sustainable plantations and processed according to strict quality controls. The dark roasting process extracts a rich palette of aromas from each bean, ranging from intense chocolate tones to delicate fruity notes.

Impronte Espresso is characterised by its powerful body and velvety crema, making it the ideal blend for all coffee lovers looking for a balanced, aromatic coffee. Tasted on its own or as a base for other preparations, this espresso guarantees an incomparable taste experience.

Rainforest Alliance Certified

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 3kg Reviews with

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