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Julius Meinl Vienna

| 220g | Whole beans
Julius Meinl Vienna
Chocolaty, Nutty, Floral, Fruity & Strong

The new interpretation of the Viennese coffee roaster

100% Arabica | Fruity and sweet

220g bag of whole beans

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11.2023 05.2025

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VIENNA Julius Meinl 220g bag of whole beans Discover the new interpretation of the classic... more

VIENNA Julius Meinl

220g bag of whole beans

Discover the new interpretation of the classic Viennese roast.

The Espresso Vienna collection combines the dark roast of southern Europe with the delicate pleasure of lighter roasts of northern Europe. However, the Mediterranean style clearly prevails and guarantees a thick crema of hazelnut color, with an intense chocolate aroma. These characteristics are complemented by those typical of a 100% Arabica: fruity and spicy nuances combined with a pleasant sweetness.

A unique taste experience!

It is recommended to prepare this coffee in an espresso machine (with filter holder) or an automatic machine. A real pleasure to enjoy as a pure espresso or with a little hot milk.

EAN: 9000403975487
Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Nutty, Floral, Fruity
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Caffeine content: Medium Caffeine Content
Package Size: 220g
Region / Country: Austria
Degree of Roast: Medium
Intensity: Strong
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Julius Meinl Austria GmbH, Julius Meinl-Gasse 3-7, 1160 Wien, Austria

Julius Meinl Italia S.p.A., Via Verona 70, 36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI), Italy