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"I Forti" Tasting pack

| 3kg | Whole beans
"I Forti" Tasting pack

Set of 3 x 1kg whole beans
3 strong blends
La Genovese, Di Giampaolo and Moka Efti

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"I Forti" tasting set (3 strong coffees) Bag of 3 x 1000g whole beans Discover 3 full-bodied... more

"I Forti" tasting set (3 strong coffees)

Bag of 3 x 1000g whole beans

Discover 3 full-bodied blends/blends and save money!
The set contains these 3 coffees:

Caffè La Genovese Quality Coloniale 1000g

Espresso coffee, whole bean

All the beans in the mixture are gently and slowly roasted one by one to preserve their characteristic characteristics. The coffee beans are quickly cooled with cold air instead of the usual water. Air cooling ensures that the beans retain their full aroma and do not absorb unnecessary moisture.

Di Giampaolo Caffè Espresso Libeccio

1000g espresso coffee, whole beans

Caution danger of addiction!
The Libeccio blend of Di Giampaolo has an extremely strong aroma of nuts and dried fruit. Notes of hazelnut, honey and soft caramel are noticeable on the tongue. The optimal balance of strong and sweetish makes the Libeccio so incredibly smooth. You drink a cup of this liquid gold and want to enjoy another one straight away. The relatively low caffeine content is very beneficial.

The Robusta content of 30% provides the necessary spice and gives the Libeccio a great crema in the cup. You can certainly taste that masters have been at work here. Only the best of the best are able to create such a delicacy from raw beans. In this case, an attempt would not only be worthwhile, it is in our opinion a must.

A clear recommendation!

The natural Arabica beans from Brazil give a fine aroma and ensure a pleasant acidity. The natural and washed Robusta beans from India, on the other hand, provide the strong and luxuriant crema.

MOKA Efti Verde 1kg

Like almost all roasting plants in Italy, Moka Efti roasts the right blend for every preference.

In the Verde blend, Moka Efti did increase the proportion of Robusta even further. Perfect for the lovers of a powerful blend.

Despite its strong appearance, Verde remains an exceptionally well-tolerated, low acid coffee with an excellent aroma.

The nutty-creamy taste and the luxuriant crema are the ideal basis for a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

*We have the exclusivity of Moka Efti, however we do NOT deliver this product in SWITZERLAND.


Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 3kg
Intensity: Strong Reviews with

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