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Espresso Tasting set 50/50 Mix

| 3kg | Whole beans
Espresso Tasting set 50/50 Mix

Noble compositions of Arabica & Robusta - Save big compared to the normal price.

La Tazza d'Oro Miscela Bar 1kg
Nurri Caffè 100% Napoletano 1kg
Lollo Gran Bar Perlage 1kg

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Espresso Tasting Set - 50/50 Blend 3 x 1000g Bean All espressos in this trio have 2 things... more

Espresso Tasting Set - 50/50 Blend

3 x 1000g Bean

All espressos in this trio have 2 things in common: They are made of 50% Arabica & 50% Robusta beans, and they taste fabulous!

Try these three well-balanced blends and convince yourself of the high quality. Because "Robusta does not mean lower quality". This is the thesis of many experienced roasting masters. And more and more espresso lovers are discovering the benefits of a high Robusta content. Even 100% Robusta blends are extremely popular with us. Of course, the quality has to be right.

Robusta beans bring with them an incredible number of great characteristics that cannot be achieved by a pure Arabica blend. The espresso gains depth and volume. Dark aromas of tobacco, dark chocolate, malt, caramel and woody tones really bring out the floral and fruity notes of the Arabica bean. You also get a more intense and long-lasting crema on your coffee.

And for all those who like to drink cappuccino and co., more expression and strength of the beans is a plus anyway.

Furthermore, robusta beans contain significantly more caffeine than arabica beans, which gives the blends a special kick in this case. The somewhat higher bitter substances are also removed from the robusta beans by gentle and slow roasting. So a relatively high proportion of robusta does not mean anything negative.

The three blends in our set make use of the best characteristics of both varieties and combine them to create a divine espresso.

La Tazza d'oro Miscela Bar 1kg

Blend ratio: 50% Arabica beans/ 50% Robusta beans

The Miscela Bar impresses with its incredibly balanced character and complex flavour profile. The Indian Robusta beans provide a strong cocoa aroma and the Brazilian Arabica beans a delicious sweetness. The two varieties complement each other fabulously and you experience new nuances with every sip. The higher caffeine content of the Robustas is particularly good in all classic coffee specialities with hot-foamed milk.

The best results are achieved by preparing the coffee in a portafilter or ground in a moka pot. But the Miscela Bar also cuts a fine figure in a fully automatic machine.

Nurri Caffè 100% Napoletano 1kg

Blend ratio: 50% Arabica beans/ 50% Robusta beans

Founder Antonio Nurri created a Neapolitan espresso coffee entirely in his own style: elegant, classic and varied in aroma.

On the palate, this blend is strong with aromas of dark chocolate and almond. The fine fruity notes of wild berries and citrus fruits of the Arabica beans form a perfect counterpart. With spicy notes and an elegantly smooth aftertaste, Nurri Caffè 100% Napoletano proves what makes a true Neapolitan coffee.

It is best to enjoy this espresso as a true Neapolitan would - neat.
However, thanks to its strength, 100% Napoletano also makes a wonderful base for all latte variations.

Lollo Gran Bar Perlage 1kg

Blend ratio: 50% Arabica beans/ 50% Robusta beans

Inside the chic red packaging are fine beans from three different countries of origin. The Arabica beans come from Brazil and the Robusta beans are grown in India and Uganda at altitudes of up to 1,500m. The 50/50 blend ensures an intense and round espresso with a full-bodied chocolate and nut aroma. An espresso that will please lovers of strong coffees. This unique blend gets its name Perlage from its similarity in character to the wine of the same name. Both have a perfectly balanced sweetness-acidity ratio. This makes them a masterpiece of taste.

Roasting is done traditionally in a drum roaster. Gently, slowly and beautifully dark. Each variety is treated separately here and can thus develop its full potential. The Gran Bar Perlage Espresso is ideally suited for preparation in a portafilter machine or in a stovetop pot. Freshly ground espresso coffee is known to develop its aromas best.

Type / Nature: Whole beans
Package Size: 3kg
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