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Espresso Set - strong - ground

Beste Espresso Bohnen - stark und kräftig - gemahlen

4 tins of 250g each (1000g in total) :

Passalacqua Mehari,
Quarta Rossa,
Salimbene Deliziosa,
ground illy S(Strong).

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Ground Coffee Set - Strong and Intense 4 packs of ground coffee, 250g each = 1000g in total... more

Ground Coffee Set - Strong and Intense

4 packs of ground coffee, 250g each = 1000g in total

A set featuring four bold roasts. These are in the category of strong and intense coffee.

MEHARI Passalacqua

Bag of 250g ground coffee

Mehari is a strong, aromatic blend with a high percentage of Robusta.

The balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta produces a pleasant, full-bodied coffee with a delicious chocolate note.

Passalacqua Mehari seduces with its fantastic crema!

You can buy all the Passalacqua ranges online at Espresso International.

Quarta Caffè Rossa Espresso 250g

Espresso coffee, ground

Mixing ratio: 30 % Arabica / 70 % Robusta

Powerful southern Italian espresso coffee - With its full-bodied taste, balanced structure and excellent crema, it is a real treat.

The Rossa from Quarta Caffè is ideal as an espresso or for all specialties with hot milk.

Salimbene Espresso Deliziosa

250g ground espresso coffee

In this blend, the proportion of high-quality, washed robusta beans is increased even more. The beans come from Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Uganda.

South American Arabica beans ensure a sweet and creamy coffee enjoyment and selected, natural and washed Robusta beans form a velvety and sweet mixture with a subtle, not at all aggressive character.

Full, dense crema, with a wonderful hazelnut-brown marbling.

illy Espresso S

250g tin of ground coffee
This coffee combines notes of cocoa and toast with a hint of caramel.

Illy is one of Italy's best-known coffee brands. It's no wonder that 5 million cups of Illy coffee are drunk every day around the world! To live up to this reputation, Illy uses only selected Arabica beans, which have to undergo a rigorous selection process in the factory before being gently roasted.

The result is an espresso blend whose consistent quality is appreciated by connoisseurs the world over.

The caffeine content is less than 1.5%!

Right from the first sip, this coffee convinces with its rich, harmonious aroma and perfectly balanced spectrum of flavours, ranging from pleasantly fruity and nutty notes to soft woody notes. The aftertaste is round, elegant and persistent.

Characteristics: strong coffee, good crema formation, low caffeine content.

Type / Nature: Ground
Coffee maker / Machine : Moka Pot, French Press
Caffeine content: High Caffeine Content
Degree of Roast: Dark
Intensity: Strong
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