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ESE Pods Cafés Richard Mexique (Mexico)

ESE Pods Cafés Richard Mexique (Mexico)

25 ESE Pods French Roast
100% organic Arabica beans from Mexico
in a practical dispenser

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02.2024 08.2025

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ESE Pods MEXICO Cafés Richard  100% Organic Arabica beans Cafés Richard has created a... more

ESE Pods MEXICO Cafés Richard 

100% Organic Arabica beans

Cafés Richard has created a colourful and diverse range with its unique ESE pod line. Premium coffees from different parts of the world have been handpicked and roasted by talented master roasters. One very special variety is Mexico Organic. The beans for these delicious ESE pods are grown on the southern sides of the "Sierra" highlands. The climatic conditions in this region are optimal for the Arabica coffee plant. Many hours of sunshine and a potassium-rich soil provide fruity honey aromas and a mild mouthfeel. In the growing of the Mexico coffee beans, artificial fertilisers and pesticides are completely avoided. Cafés Richard can guarantee this through years of cooperation with the coffee farmers of the Sierra Highlands. Pure, natural coffee, the way it should be. Bring the flair of Mexico into your home and enjoy a cup of the highest French roasting art.

Quantity of pods/capsules : 25
Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Aroma(s) : Floral, Fruity
Type / Nature: Pods
Coffee maker / Machine : Pods Machine
Caffeine content: Medium Caffeine Content
Degree of Roast: Medium
Certification: Organic(Bio) Reviews with

Cafes Richard SAS, 106, rue du Fossé Blanc, 92230 Gennevilliers, France