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D'Caps Capsule Separator

D'Caps Capsule Separator

D'Caps Capsule Recycler

to separate the individual substances

Designed and manufactured in France

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D'CAPS - The Capsule Recycler an innovative tool to make coffee capsules recyclable... more

D'CAPS - The Capsule Recycler

an innovative tool to make coffee capsules recyclable

Coffee capsules are something special. They are easy to handle, easy to portion and available in a wide variety. However, they have one big problem - they are not very sustainable. Many customers ask us the best way to dispose of their capsules without throwing them into the residual waste. Unfortunately, until now we have not had a satisfactory solution. But now! ...

Our French neighbours have developed a simple yet innovative tool that has solved the riddle of how to properly dispose of coffee capsules once and for all. The "D'CAPS" comes from a small town in Brittany in north-west France and is made of 100% recycled plastic. The production of the raw material as well as the assembly of the actual D'Cap takes place in and around the little town of Vannes. A small tool with a big ecological impact...

A single coffee capsule often consists of many different materials. For example: the capsule itself is made of aluminium, the lid is plastic and inside the capsule is the coffee powder. The goal should be to add each substance to its intended cycle. The aluminium and the plastic can be disposed of in the plastic garbage can and the coffee powder in the organic waste can. Thus, three substances can be recycled from one capsule. Previously, all three materials ended up in the same waste and could hardly if at all be recycled. The removed coffee grounds can also be used in many ways in the household. It can be used in the garden as fertiliser or ant repellent, in the house to clean pots and pans or even to remove odours in the refrigerator. You can even make scrubs and masks for the skin with coffee grounds.

This video shows how to use the D'CAPS properly. Reviews with

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