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BWT Bestmax Filter Cartridge S

BWT Bestmax S Filterkerze

Filter cartridge for gastronomy and private use
Clear water for hot and cold drinks
Filters out limescale, particles and chlorine

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Bestmax filter cartridge - Size S - BWT(Best Water Technology) The Bestmax filter cartridge... more

Bestmax filter cartridge - Size S - BWT(Best Water Technology)

The Bestmax filter cartridge from BWT is a universal filtration system for catering and domestic use. It protects the appliance technology from limescale deposits, particles, chlorine and various taste-altering components. The system is easy to install thanks to the universal BWT besthead FLEX connection technology, and can be used economically for all types of water consumption thanks to the various filter sizes (V, S, M, L).

With BWT Bestmax, you have a simple and practical filter solution, specially designed to meet the different requirements of the catering industry. That's why the Bestmax filter meets the most demanding requirements in the catering industry. With this system, you can obtain excellent water for coffee, ideal water for espresso machines with filter holders, vending machines and even pure steam for steam cookers and steam ovens. The result is consistently high quality for all hot and cold drinks.

Technical advantages :

5-stage filtration
Highly effective anti-scale protection
Activated carbon for crystal-clear water at all times
Filtration even of bypass water
Easy filter replacement
Can be used horizontally and vertically

Technical specifications:

Min/max water temperature: 4-30°C
Min/max ambient temperature: 4-40 °C
Filter cartridge Ø (F) in mm: 88
Total height: approx. 385 mm

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