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The Pulcina espresso coffee maker for 6 cups

An absolute eye-catcher - Design meets Taste

Moka stove cooker made of aluminum / black

Design: Michele De Lucchi 2015

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The espresso maker PULCINA was created in 2015 by Michele De Lucchi and we think it is already... more

The espresso maker PULCINA was created in 2015 by Michele De Lucchi and we think it is already a design classic

For 6 cups 30 cl in the color black

What does this extraordinary espresso maker remind you of? The design was based on a chick (it pulcino). Do you recognize the little beak on the spout? This is so well designed and worked that it prevents a drop when pouring.

But also the method of coffee brewing in a espresso maker was completely re-examined and analyzed. How can the process be perfected by the shape and design of the moka pot? In cooperation with illy Caffe, investigations on the dynamics of the heat flow were incorporated. The findings were taken up and implemented by the Alessi development department.

Based on the findings, Illy Caffe designed the ideal shape of the kettle (lower part of the espresso pot) in which the water boils. Thanks to the special nature of the interior of the boiler, the Alessi Pulcina interrupts the coffee flow at exactly the right moment. This avoids the volcanic phase - that final moment of extraction that leaves a burnt, bitter aftertaste.

The result can be tasted, because the organoleptic * characteristics of the espresso coffee have been improved and enhanced. Only the best of coffee gets into the cup. Its full-bodied, round flavor can be fully enjoyed. The Caffettiera PULCINA is practical, functional and requires no special knowledge. The coffee is prepared in the same way as in conventional cookers.

This espresso coffee maker can be used on gas, electric and ceramic hobs. But not on induction hobs.


Moka pot: aluminum
Handle and knob: Thermoplasitic resin
Rubber seal: silicone

Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity. In addition, it gives the espresso a distinctive taste, which results from the deposition of a thin layer of coffee on the inner walls of the espresso maker. Therefore please never clean this part with dishwashing liquid.

Illustrative video of the production process of the espresso maker by Alessi Pulcina

EAN: 8003299388097
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