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ESE Pods Cafés Richard Florio

ESE Pods Cafés Richard Florio
Chocolaty, Floral, Fruity & Balanced

25 ESE Pods
100% Arabica
in a practical dispenser

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25 ESE Pods FLORIO Cafés Richard 100% Arabica The premium "Florio" line from Cafés Richard... more

25 ESE Pods FLORIO Cafés Richard

100% Arabica

The premium "Florio" line from Cafés Richard includes ESE pods, which are becoming increasingly popular, as well as coffee beans and small bags of ground coffee. These are available in two versions in our online shop. This is the small dispenser containing 25 ESE pods, individually wrapped to preserve all their flavour, even several months after opening.

The blend of beans used for these refined pods is the same as in the 1 kg bag. The 100% Arabica beans from Central and South America, as well as Africa, are hand-sorted, carefully washed and then roasted in France. Only then are the different types of bean combined to form the Florio blend. This is certainly more work for the master roasters, but the end result is well worth it. Although all the varieties belong to the Arabica family, each bean has its own requirements in terms of roasting time or temperature. Even the smallest differences can influence the overall result. To avoid this and to guarantee its customers consistently high quality, Cafés Richard uses this particular roasting technique for its Florio.

And it's a success! In terms of taste, Florio pods are characterised by a combination of flavours that we've never tasted before. Intense and pleasantly strong, but at the same time smooth and aromatic. Notes of dark chocolate and toast spread across the palate and follow you right through to the end, where fine nuances of caramel await you. A perfectly balanced combination of intensity and aroma - a unique coffee experience you simply must try.

Cafés Richard is also the first French roaster to have been awarded the "CSR Commitment Europe" label and the "Label de Responsabilité AFNOR". These associations recognise companies - carefully selected - that assume social responsibility in their field, environment and distinguish themselves by treating customers, employees, business partners and coffee growers fairly.

Quantity of pods/capsules : 25
Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Aroma(s) : Chocolaty, Floral, Fruity
Type / Nature: Pods
Coffee maker / Machine : Pods Machine
Degree of Roast: Dark
Intensity: Balanced
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Cafes Richard SAS, 106, rue du Fossé Blanc, 92230 Gennevilliers, France