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Trio Arabica tasting set

| 3kg | Whole beans
Espresso Probierset Trio Arabica

3 coffees 100% Arabica
Hardy Portofino, La Genovese Anniversary and Mondicaffè The Bocs

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Trio Arabica tasting pack 3 x 1000g bags of whole beans We present 3 exquisite 100% Arabica... more

Trio Arabica tasting pack

3 x 1000g bags of whole beans

We present 3 exquisite 100% Arabica blends that we personally consider to be among the best "Pure Arabica" varieties.
The Hardy, La Genovese and Mondicaffè blends will offer you unique aromatic spectrums and a delicious taste.


1000g bag of whole beans

Discover the exquisite HARDY Milano Portofino, a pure Arabica seduction from Milan. This blend of the best beans from Brazil, Honduras and Guatemala is roasted with the utmost care to become a first-class coffee.

On the palate, Portofino reveals a pleasant sweetness, low acidity and harmonious body. The aroma seduces with fine notes of honey, almond and butter biscuit.

In the cup, HARDY Portofino has a creamy, hazelnut-coloured crema and the best qualities of a premium espresso. Perfect for espresso lovers looking for a premium experience.


1000g bag of whole beans

La Genovese was founded in 1936 by Dario Valle in a small warehouse in Albenga. The building served as a development centre for quality roasting for 30 years. La Genovese is still a family business to this day, and has succeeded in making a name for itself throughout Europe. Since 2008, La Genovese Caffè has been a member of INEI - Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano. The institute has been protecting and promoting genuine Italian espresso since 1998.

La Genovese's Anniversario blend is made from 100% carefully selected, high-quality Arabica beans. Washed beans from Central America and West Africa are combined with unwashed beans from Brazil to create a wonderful taste experience. On the palate, light chocolate notes unfold, accompanied by aromas of exotic fruits and tropical flowers.

The caffeine content is low, only 1.0 to 1.1%.

This espresso has already won the gold medal 5 times at the Institute of Coffee Tasting's international coffee tasting. A real champion!

Mondicaffè - The Bocs

1000g whole espresso beans 

100% arabica beans The Bocs - a fantastic 100% arabica espresso blend that is second to none. Franco Mondi, son of the founder and master roaster of Mondicaffè, has invested all his knowledge and years of experience in this completely new blend.

Mondi obtains its green coffee directly from small coffee plants. Six high-class varieties are married here in perfect harmony. The result is a full-bodied, incredibly creamy coffee that presents itself very harmoniously and with considerable fullness. We are so excited that at first we couldn't believe it was a 100% Arabica espresso. So far, we have only known so much depth and balance from mixtures with a Robusta component.

The Bocs - The Cuvée 

Ethiopia: Sidamo g.2 | Heirloom CMI Corona
Brazil: Mogiana | Cachoeira da Grama Farm
India: Karnataka | Balehonnur Estate
Colombia: Antioquia | Finca San Cayetano
Peru: Chanchamayo | Alto Palomar CACE
Salvador: Cordillera del Balsamo | Quorum finca san Luis


milk chocolate
Candied citrus fruits
Caramelized milk

Very velvety texture of the crema. Persistent long in the aftertaste. Sweet and delicate.


Medium roast level. Very uniform bean appearance with even browning. No broken beans. The Arabica beans are roasted slowly and gently, variety by variety, at temperatures between 200 and 220 degrees before being composed into a balanced blend. The individual roasting ensures that the optimum taste is achieved. 

So it's no wonder that Mondicaffè The Bocs is currently number 1 in our office. Excellent both in the fully automatic coffee machine and in the portafilter. 


Mondicaffè is CSC (Caffè Speciali Certificati) certified.  The association was founded in Livorno in 1996 and Mondicaffè is one of the founding members. The certificate guarantees the high quality standards for the coffees. The test criteria include all processes for the production of premium coffee. (Harvest, processing of green coffee, transport, storage and roasting). Due to the ISO certification at all levels of production, the customer can rely on a product of the highest quality class.   

By the way, Franco Mondi dedicated this exceptional coffee to his beloved grandson Camillo. As sweet as the coffee.

Blend ratio: 100% Arabica
Type / Nature: Whole beans
Coffee maker / Machine : Espresso machine (portafilter), Automatic machine
Package Size: 3kg
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