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Hauck Leveler Competition Line V7

Hauck Leveler Competition Line V7

High precision leveling tool made of walnut wood

Lower part made of stainless steel

Diameter: 58.4mm

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Leveler - Competition Line V7 - Hauck Diameter: 58.4mm This exceptional accessory from the... more

Leveler - Competition Line V7 - Hauck

Diameter: 58.4mm

This exceptional accessory from the Hauck manufacture is required for leveling the ground coffee before preparing the espresso. With every use it offers maximum precision. For a perfect espresso, a leveler is essential in order to prevent channeling.

What does channeling mean?

If the ground coffee for the espresso is not distributed correctly in the filter holder before being pressed (tamped), so-called channeling can occur. In this case, the pressurized water looks for a channel through the coffee powder and flows only through this channel, instead of through the whole clod of ground coffee. Consequently we will have as a result an over-extracted and under-extracted espresso and if two espressos are prepared with the double portafilter, they will be different in taste. Furthermore, the result will have a bitter taste, because overextraction releases poorly soluble tannins, which are not normally suitable for the drink. Furthermore, the espresso will lack taste, because only a part of the ground coffee will have been considered for extraction. Channeling can be recognized immediately by the appearance of the crema on the espresso, which will be insufficient. The leveling distributes the coffee powder evenly, so that the quality of the drink result is consistently high.

Materials and workmanship

The V7 Leveler fits perfectly in both right and left hand. The lower part is made of high quality stainless steel, the upper part is finished with an elegant walnut insert. The height of the leveler can be adjusted by simply turning it. With the V7 you get a high-level instrument suitable for those with very high expectations.


After the ground coffee has been ground in the filter holder/portafilter, the leveler is positioned from above and, by turning it clockwise in the filter holder, the ground coffee is "distributed" evenly. Then you can press the powder as usual. It is important to pay attention to uniformity. Even when pressing it is necessary to position the tamper from above, otherwise the powder will be pressed unevenly and the leveling will have been useless.

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