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BWT Bestcup Premium Water filter type S

BWT Bestcup Premium Wasserfilter S

4-fold filter system

with patented BWT magnesium technology

optimises the water with magnesium

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Best Water Technology - Bestcup Premium Water Filter Type S For coffee and espresso machines... more

Best Water Technology - Bestcup Premium Water Filter Type S

For coffee and espresso machines

With the Bestcup Premium water filter from BWT, you can achieve gourmet water quality for the highest demands. It was developed to protect the valuable machine technology in your coffee machines and to ensure optimum coffee enjoyment.

Daily coffee is simply a part of life for all of us. Whether in the morning or after midday, we always enjoy a cup. And that's a good thing. However, over time, a lot of limescale and gypsum builds up in the machine, which is very hard on the technology. Not to mention the deteriorating taste. Substances such as lime and calcium sulphate (gypsum) are, however, indispensable in our tap water. In some places more, in others less. Therefore, it is even more important to filter the water professionally in order to give your machine a long life.

With its 4-stage filtration, the Bestcup Premium specifically reduces both the lime content and calcium sulphate (gypsum) and thus ensures clear, particle-free water without foreign tastes and odors.

The raw water is sucked in from below and is pressed through a particle pre-filter in the first step. There, coarser particles such as sand, rust and other dirt are removed. In the middle section of the filter is the high-performance ion exchanger. There the water is softened. In the same step, the mineral balance is treated by the built-in magnesium technology. Here, the water receives the treatment that makes it gourmet water. The third step takes place in the lower part of the filter. Here there is an activated carbon fleece which filters out unwanted organic substances, chlorine and foreign odors and tastes. In the last step, the treated water flows through a particle fine filter, which removes all remaining suspended matter and fine particles. Now the water is ready to be treated and flows into your machine for preparation. The result is an incomparable, clear coffee aroma. Coffee connoisseurs and espresso lovers will taste the difference and will not want to change this experience again.

The special feature of this water filter is the patented BWT magnesium technology. With this technology, the water is additionally mineralised with the flavour carrier magnesium. In addition to the optimal water quality, this ensures the perfect coffee taste and the wonderful crema.

Handling is extremely easy. The filters have a special connection and are simply inserted into the intake connection in the water tank of the coffee machine. Make sure to descale your coffee machine before using the Bestcup for the first time. Change the filter either when prompted to do so on the display or after 2-3 months at the latest. After longer breaks in operation, rinse the filter before drawing coffee.

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