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Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid Ground

Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid Ground

Low-acid ground espresso in a tasting set with three varieties

Salimbene Deliziosa

Quarta Caffè Famiglia Stuoia

Filicori Zecchini Forte

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Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid Ground 2 x 250g + 1 x 226g ground espresso beans A properly... more

Tasting Set Espresso Low Acid Ground

2 x 250g + 1 x 226g ground espresso beans

A properly prepared espresso is something fine. Most people prefer a blend that scores with low acidity. But not all varieties are low in acidity. Even extremely noble and expensive beans can have a high acid content. This is because they really bring out the sparkling, fruity-floral notes, and that is quite intentional. This gives filter coffee in particular a fullness of aroma and balance that tickles the palate.

Incidentally, whether a coffee is low in acidity depends much more on the type of roasting than on the type of coffee bean. During roasting, the acidity increases first, so that mildly roasted varieties have a higher acidity. However, if the roasting process takes longer, the coffee then loses acidity, up to 50% of the original content. This means that the roaster can determine the level of acidity to a large extent himself.

Conclusion: The roasting process is decisive for the acidity of the coffee bean. The darker the beans are roasted, the less acid they contain. For all coffee lovers who do not like pronounced acidity in the cup, we now have the ideal set. It consists of three very low-acid espresso varieties. Dark, strong but not at all bitter.


Salimbene Deliziosa 250g

Blend: 50% Arabica / 50% Robusta

This unique blend has a high proportion of noble, washed Robusta beans. The countries of origin of the beans are Brazil, Ethiopia, India and Uganda. South American Arabica beans provide a sweet and creamy coffee taste. The hand-picked Robustas provide a velvety smooth taste of dark chocolate and cocoa. Both harmonise perfectly and make the Deliziosa the ideal companion.

Full, dense crema, with a wonderful hazelnut-brown marbling.


Quarta Caffè Famiglia Stuoia 250g

Blend: 40% Arabica / 60% Robusta

Only carefully selected Arabica and Robusta coffees are used for Quarta coffee Stuoia. The beans are first roasted separately at temperatures between 200 and 220 degrees slowly and gently before they are ground and composed into a balanced blend. Full-bodied espresso coffee, with caramel, liquorice and bitter almond flavours. You can use Quarta Caffè Stuoia Famiglia as an espresso or as a base for all latte variations.


Filicori Zecchini Espresso Forte 226g

Blend: 70% Arabica / 30% Robusta

This special blend will delight all those who want a chocolaty note on the palate when enjoying coffee. The intense yet full-bodied taste is complemented by a medium acidity, which is by no means perceived as unpleasant. It really rounds off every sip and makes you want more. Only the most select Arabica and Robusta beans are processed, which are roasted separately depending on the variety. This special procedure ensures that the maximum can be extracted from each bean and thus the quality of the coffee increases enormously. You can clearly taste that masters were at work here.

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